Did you know that over 90% of home Buyers choose to have an Inspection done before buying a property?  Getting your home under contract is an important step in getting your home sold, but related Inspections can cause a potential speedbump, or hurdle, for many Sellers to overcome.  Imagine having your home under contract, but then the Buyer wants to renegotiate the contract after the Inspection uncovers some issues with the home that were unknown at the time the home was listed.  Or even worse, imagine a Buyer exiting the transaction completely, because of the results of a pest inspection?  These kinds of unpleasant "surprises" are largely avoidable, when using a Certified S.M.A.R.T. Move™.  But a Certified S.M.A.R.T. Move™ is about more than just inspections, it's about the preparation in getting your home ready to list, and having it hit the market with the greatest amount of momentum for traffic, and even better, multiple offers!


The exclusive Certified S.M.A.R.T. Move™ program includes:

  • Full home and pest inspection by a licensed inspector
  • Cleaning and inspection of the heating/cooling system by a licensed professional
  • Experienced staging and presentation consultation
  • Professional photography
  • Professional video
  • 3D Floor Planning shoot and online website
  • Signing and online support for Certified S.M.A.R.T. Move™ status
  • Dedicated Facebook boosted advertising
  • American Home Shield Warranty for you during the time your home is listed, and for the Buyer after closing
  • Professional house cleaning at close


All paid for by the Listing Broker!


What are the advantages to the Certified S.M.A.R.T. Move™?

  • Inspection expenses, home warranty, 3D floor planning, etc., are all paid for by the Listing Broker! The only out of pocket expense to you as the Seller are any required repairs.
  • Are you comfortable pricing your home and selling it, not knowing what the Buyer might come back with during the inspection process? Fewer surprises mean happier Sellers and happier Buyers. Pre-Listing inspections get ahead of any issues before the home is under contract, which could delay closing.
  • Higher perceived value to your home. Because it’s Certified, potential Buyers know your home is more ready than other homes on the market!
  • Stronger negotiating position with potential Buyers, especially in multiple offers situations. By having the inspections completed ahead of Listing your home, Buyers may be quicker to waive the inspection in a multiple offer scenario.
  • A smoother transaction, because many of the unexpected repairs or inspections have been completed before even having an offer.
  • Piece of mind knowing that many of the “behind the scenes” things you would be responsible for, like cleaning your home prior to close, are covered!


Contact Doug to see if your home is eligible for a Certified S.M.A.R.T. Move™. 


* Not all homes will qualify, terms and conditions apply.